Feet pain

I currently run in Torins, while I really like them, got read of my PF and they feel good when running, my feet hurt after the run, it feels like the small joints between my ankle and toes, it last for a day or so.
I am ready to get back to Newtons if I can't figure this out, maybe energy or kimset? , but I just don't understand why I wouldn't feel any pain during the run, but I do afterwords.
What say you?


  • Have you tried another shoe to see if the same thing happens? Torins are zero drop so they may be stressing your feet in ways you are not used to.
  • I ran in gravity and mizuno wave ferrus, neither gave me problems. I guess I could buy some other shoes I was just hoping to keep th e Altras since they make my PF disappear.
  • Any other changes lately that might have coincided with onset of pain - training volume, speed, surfaces, etc? Could be unrelated to the shoe.

    One thing to consider is that the Torin is not a very flexible shoe, and the fact that the Ferus was ok makes me curious. I wonder if something like the Altra TheOne2 might a good option - soft and cushioned like the Torin, similar fit, but much more flexible. 
  • Good point, something between Torins and the ferrus would be nice.
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