Large lateral epicondyle

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I went to see a surgeon about ITBS and after looking at x-rays of my knees he told me I have larger than normal Lateral epicondyle which causes my IT band to be tight which causes ITBS. He recommended cutting the IT band to release the tension and letting it grow back together. Has anyone heard of this being a cause for ITBS? Or heard of cutting the IT band? It sounds like a terrible idea but I am about out of other options.


  • Not to ruin your day, but that's a new one on me.
  • It sounded a bit sketchy when I saw the doctor. He watched me walk about 30 feet away and 30 feet toward him and said "everything looks good". Ahh well it was worth a shot, on to other things!!
  • Go see a PT or chrio who works regularly with runners before going the surgery route - there may be a far less invasive way of dealing with your ITBS, and some docs can be quick to the scalpel. 

    You want someone that can look at your form while running, not walking, and who can assess things like strength of your glute medius on the affected side. Sometimes some simple hip strengthening work can solve the problem (e.g., or some conscious form work to keep more spacing between the knees/reduce thigh adduction on the impacted side. This can all be assessed by a skilled therapist.

    I can tell you that I've had ITBS twice, and both times caused by shoes and resolved by ditching the shoes in question. Not always going to be a solution in all cases, but point is that surgery is not always necessary when treating the condition.
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