Ad from Asics for the new Gel Super J33

  • So if you watched it, it says that 45% percent of runners are overpronators. If we assume that a sizable but smaller portion are supinators, that must mean the remainder are so-called neutral or "normal" runners. That means that overpronators are the largest percentage of runners, and would thus be more "normal" than the "neutral" group.

    It's also interesting to note that the runner in the video was landing with a beautiful midfoot strike while barefoot, but was heelstriking in the shoes. And it looks to me like the horrible overpronation while barefoot actually serves to reduce shock. By preventing that, the shoe is taking away a potentially important function of the ankle in this type of runner.

  • Asics never did buy into the minimal thing did they? They have too much invested in convincing runners that we need their expertise to correct our 'over'pronating.
  • That video made me want to vomit.
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