GoRun Ride 3
  • Any thoughts on these for a high mileage shoe? How significant is the refresh from the GoRun ride 2?

    I have the GoRun Ultra 3, which I'm planning on using for a trail 50 miler. The insole will be switched out for a flat one, and I suspect that the same will happen if I get the ride 3s.

  • From what I hear it's a pretty different shoe. I've run in it a few times but don't have enough experience with the Ride line to really compare.
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  • Any users of the GRR3 ? Apparently there isn't much change from the GRR2 unlike from the GRR1 that I liked (they taught me to front strike) but that felt quite a bit less stable for some reason. Besides the heel is now "usable" when you walk!

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