Advice shoe comparison - saying goodbye to my beloved fastwitch 4's,
  • I know you're thinking Fastwitch 4... That was 2 models ago! I was so desperate to keep running in these I've managed to track down 2 extra pairs! Alas my last pair has had a blow out & they need to be put to rest! Problem is I can't seem to find anything that I like! I do a couple if runs during the week but train every day! I need a stability shoe & have a broad foot! I looove the lightweight feel of the fastwitch 4 & it's breath ability! I have read that the 6's are closer to what the 4's were as they apparently changed the model with the 5's, (if it ain't broke don't fix it)!

    Any advice would be great...

    P.s I tried the Adizero but they are too narrow!

  • I did not like the 5, but the 6 worked well for me and has a pretty roomy forefoot.
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