Puma Faas 100 question
  • Hey everyone,

    Love this forum, Pete! I certainly prefer this user-friendly version compared to the old site. Great work!

    I recently bought the Puma Faas 100 and my initial thoughts were nothing short of excellent. Merrell's Vapor Glove beat up my met heads, Inov-8's Bare-X 150 caused hot spots, but the Pumas are narrower (better for me) and added just enough cushion for my initial runs of 4.5+ and 6.25 mile runs to feel nothing short of fantastic. However, I noticed after last night's 10k that the outside of my feet were sore around where the collar of the shoe meets my foot. I'd read about the heel cup causing agitation in reviews, but not the whole collar (if I have the name right). Anyhow, my feet were SORE today, and literally causing pain in the shoes just to walk in them untied. If I tied the shoes, I literally couldn't stand up. I tried padding the sore spots, but the pressure just made it worse. Anyone have any experience with this sort of discomfort, ideas to make it better, or should I just send back the shoes?


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