Solutions for sore knees and/or legs in general
  • Hi! I am new here so don't know if there's already a thread about this but, what do you recommend for a quick recovery from sore knees (because of overtraining), maybe general muscle remedies? 

    Some sort of cream or the old ice and taking it slowly?


  • Can't help with any remedies unfortunately. Does this happen often with your knees?
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  • Do roll out your IT bands and trigger point your quads to keep the tissue supple. 
  • I'd recomment checking out Sock Doc's blog.

  • I didn't know IT band or trigger point.  So if you are like me, I will save you the trouble of doing a google search. 


    Roll out your IT band

    Quad trigger points

  • Lately, I've been having trouble with my gracilis on the inside of my thigh.

    I found this:

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