Sizing of Ladies' Altra Torin?
  • I want/have to get a pair for my wife. Since Altra does not have a distibution over here in Europe I'll have to get them from across the pond. Can anyone make a suggestion for sizing. With both my Altras, Lone Peak 1.5 & Instinct 1.5, I had to go up half a size compared to my regular running shoe size. True for the Ladies' version of the Torin?

  • My wife wears a 9.5 in most shoes, 10 in the Torins. It's her favorite shoe right now :)
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  • I wear an 8 in street shoes, a 9 in most running shoes, and a 9 in the Torins.  I'm just barely an 8, so I suspect someone with a slightly bigger foot might need to go up another half size.
  • I wear an 8 in Merrells (Bare Access 2 and others) and a 9 in the Torin.  The Torin is roomy enough for thicker socks in the winter.
  • You guys wear socks in the winter?

    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
  • just as feedback as I have started the thread: half a size up was perfect for my wife. Brooks Pure Flow in 7 vs. Torin in 7.5

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