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  • After falling in love with the Instinct 1.5 (sz 13), I wanted to add the Torin for long runs.  A sz 13 in the Torin, while the appropriate length, just didn't have enough volume, especially over my dorsum.  I tried sizing up to a 14, and while I think I can get away with the extra length, they too feel a little too snug across the top of my foot.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Do they tend to stretch once they're broken in a bit? I really want this shoe to work.  It's odd in that some of the reviews that I have read indicated others have sized down from the Instinct, while I have experienced the opposite.  Of note, I am also very pleased with the Lone Peak 1.5's (sz 13) and just got The Ones today (sz 14 and quite possibly the most comfortable upper I've ever had).  Thanks!

  • Have you tried one of the alternate lacing arrangements?
    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
  • Yes, Lambert, I found the Torin was sized differently from the Instinct.  I first got the Instinct in 11.5.  Very nice shoe.  Then ordered the Torin in 11.5,  too.  The toebox was much too tight for me in the Torin.  I didn't feel like sending it back, so I opened up the toebox along side the big toe with my razor knife.  Feels fine now.

    Initially, I used the looser lacing for the Torin, but now I have switched back to regular lacing.


  • I used the loose lacing on my Instincts at first, too.  Now I find that it really has too much volume.  Kind of a bummer...
    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
  • Thanks for the replies. I tried heel lock lacing while loosening upfront but it still didn't feel right. In addition, with this lacing the tongue doesn't provide a lot of coverage under the lace at the 7th eyelet and it is uncomfortable. I've also noticed that the toe cap is coming unglued so they're going back now regardless. :-(
  • A little off topic but in case anyone wanted to give the Torin a try, has 4 sizes in stock for $79 plus an additional 20% off with OUTLET20

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