Reebok is off the deep end
  • Most probably saw these laughable shoes on Runblogger, but apparently Reebok actually sells them:

    Also, they claim that these shows channel the air under your foot, which is apparently important:

  • Did you see the price? I can think of a lot cheaper ways to get injured! Lol
  • It wouldn't surprise me if craziness like that is why my brother stopped working for them (he's the Color Designer for Lululemon these days).
    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
  • Saw the atv at one of those mall athletic shoe stores. Foot Locker I think. I would be scared to try to even stand in it
  • How can you argue with "earth shaking traction"?
  • Eh, to each their own.  There's more than one way to get from A to B.
  • Been at Disney World this week and sadly Reeboks are quite a common sight...
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  • *Those* Reeboks?
    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)

  • lol how does this air channel thing supposed to be working.
    I have a hard time ppl actually thinking any of this could work
  • Reebok seems to have a new running shoe called the ZQuick - very "Nike Free-like". Has anyone tried or heard any updates on this model? From the little I've found, it appears to be a 4mm shoe. I tried it on at Dick's, was comfortable and seemed to have a pretty good fit in the toe box (not to narrow/not to wide).

  • Yes, saw several ATV 19's in Disney
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  • i think Reebok stopped trying to be taken seriously in the running shoe world a while ago.  their shoes are made for fashion not function.

    anyway that looks like a trail shoe to me.  for some serious speed on the road or track try the adidas springblade.
  • I was at Running Club (for boys and girls) yesterday afternoon at my kids' elementary school, and saw TONs of kids wearing Reeboks.  As per my normal shoe-geekdom, I look at a lot of shoes at my kids school to see what is being worn. This particular group was 3rd-5th graders.  I mainly saw Reeboks & Nike, from a brand name perspective; most of the rest were "2nd tier" like champion, no name brand, etc.   All that being said, I didn't see any kids wearing the Reebok ATVs!
  • I've seen people doing lifts in the gym wearing springblade's.  Shake my head.

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